NOLA-CPP ask for your support.

Dear NOLACPP Stakeholders and Volunteers-

The New Orleans Citizen Participation Project is in the final stages of finalizing the 2009 Draft Model for formalized Citizen Participation for the city of New Orleans.  Over the past year and half, we have attended upwards of 50 neighborhood meetings to speak about the project, convened dozens of thematic meetings around issues that need to be addressed in-depth by the 2009 Draft, held a Citizen Participation Summit in July of 2008 that brought nearly 175 New Orleanians together to discuss formalized Citizen Participation, and just recently, in February 2009, held a Community Breakfast to unveil the Draft Model and solicit comments and critiques from citizens.  We’ve had quite a busy past 18 months, and look forward to continuing our work by finalizing the Draft Model and taking the first steps towards implementing formalized citizen participation for our city!

We are currently soliciting donations to help keep the NOLACPP project going in the coming months.  Donations of any amount are gladly accepted, and will be an important contribution to keeping the NOLACPP moving forward as we start developing pilot projects around the city of New Orleans.  Checks can be mailed to:

CBNO/MAC Foundation
4902 Canal Street, Suite 300
New Orleans, LA 70117

Please put NOLACPP or Citizen Participation on the memo line.

We thank you in advance for your support, and look forward to continuing to work within the various neighborhoods and communities to ensure that citizens can actively participate in the decisions that affect their lives!


CORE PRINCIPLES for Public Engagement

 CORE PRINCIPLES for Public Engagement

Developed collaboratively in Spring 2009 by dozens of leaders in public engagement,
with the expectation of ongoing dialogue and periodic revision.

May 1, 2009
In a strong democracy, citizens and government work together to build a society that protects
individual freedom while simultaneously ensuring liberty and justice for all. Engaging people around
the issues that affect their lives and their country is a key component of a strong democratic society.
Public engagement involves convening diverse, representative groups of people to wrestle with
information from a variety of viewpoints all to the end of making better, often more creative decisions.
Public engagement aims to provide people with direction for their own community activities, or with
public judgments that will be seriously considered by policy-makers and other power-holders.
The more any given public engagement effort takes into consideration the following seven Core
Principles, the more it can expect to effectively build mutual understanding, meaningfully affect
policy development, and/or inspire collaborative action among citizens and institutions. These seven
interdependent principles serve both as ideals to pursue and as criteria for judging quality. Rather
than promoting partisan agendas, the application of the Core Principles creates the conditions for
authentic engagement around public issues. Continue reading