Reinstate the Neighborhood Assistance Program Petition

Please sign our online petition to request that Mayor Nagin reinstate funding for the Neighborhood Assistance Program.

Dear NOLA-CPP Volunteers and Stakeholders-

It has come to our attention that a much anticipated neighborhood funding program called, the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP), has been cut from the city budget.  The NAP was developed by the  Community Services Division of the Office of Recovery Disaster Administration (ORDA),as a program that would  provide direct grants and matching funds to neighborhood and community organizations across the city to support capacity building, outreach and local projects.

Many of you had already been informed of the release of NAP funds and were eagerly awaiting the opening of the grant-making process.  The program was to have started this fall, and would have had grants of up to $10,000 available for local organizations. While it is dismaying to see the program canceled as it would have enabled neighborhood and community groups to expand their services, outreach and capacity. Many of you have done the hard work of leading this city’s recovery, the NAP was in part recognition of your service and efforts and a commitment by the city to provide you the direct support your organization deserves. Others who live in communities still struggling to recover lost population, services and community institutions needed the NAP to provide the financial resources for capacity building, local planning and projects.

However there is hope. We urge you all to contact your elected officials, from your Council Person to the Mayor. Ask your Council Person to contact the Mayor to inquire about the program and request it be reinstated immediately.

Inform the Mayor how vital the NAP could be to the success of your neighborhood or community organization’s efforts to restore and recovery your community. Ask him to restore full funding to the program ASAP.

Finally please sign and pass along our online petition requesting that the NAP be reinstated which we will present to the City Council and Mayor’s office.

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