NOLA CPP Meeting Update – Next Meeting Date

I would like to thank everyone that was at our last meeting on Wednesday. For the second meeting in a row, the room was filled with our hard working resident volunteers. It is nice to see that involvement in the NOLA CPP is steadily increasing, and lets keep up the momentum!

At Wednesday meeting, we discussed a couple of changes to the NOLA CPP Model that address some concerns about the Model. As we move forward, we will continue to refine the Model to address the input that we receive, while ensuring that it upholds the principles of inclusion, equity, and transparency. The two changes that were discuss involve neighborhood organizations charging dues, and clarifying that neighborhoods shall have the most say for issues that affect their neighborhood. The following changes to the 9/8/10 version of the NOLA CPP Model were agreed upon at the October 13 NOLA CPP Meeting:

From Section III, Neighborhoods, Subsection I, Dues and Support Revenues (page 6), the first two sentences are replaced as follows:

I.  Dues and Support Revenues

Neighborhood Associations are encouraged to make their dues voluntary, but may choose to collect mandatory dues.  However, whenever a Neighborhood Association is asked for input on an issue that comes to it through the CPP, all residents and property owners within the geographic boundaries of that Neighborhood Association shall be informed about the issue, and shall have the opportunity to provide their input through the Neighborhood Association, and have their vote counted, whether or not they are dues-paying members.

From Section V, Communities of Interest (page 10), the following is added as a new paragraph after the opening paragraph:

While recognizing the importance of including more citizens through Communities of Interest, when an issue comes before the CPP whose primary impact is on a specific neighborhood or neighborhoods, input from those neighborhoods shall be given greater primacy and weight than any input that may be received from Communities of Interest, or from other neighborhoods outside the area in question.

We hoped to discuss making changes a third section of the NOLA CPP Model on Neighborhood Association boundary disputes, but we did not have enough time at Wednesday’s meeting. These changes will be discussed at the next NOLA CPP meeting. We will also discuss the City Planning Commission and City Council processes for going forward and how to advocate for our work during these processes.

The next NOLA CPP meeting will be held on October 27 at Grace Episcopal Church. Due to the large crowd at the last meeting, this meeting will be in the large cafeteria in the back of the building. Here are the details for the next NOLA CPP Meeting:

When: Wednesday October 27
6:00 to 7:30pm

Where: Grace Episcopal Church
3700 Canal Street