More Information on the NOLA CPP Website

We have added some new pages to the website. There is now information about the history and outreach of the NOLA CPP, a comparison of the NOLA CPP Model to the Master Plan, and a comparison of the NOLA CPP Model to CPPs in other cities. You can find these pages on the left hand column or find links to them below.

We would also like to thank these neighborhoods, organizations, and individuals for their support of the NOLA CPP at the October 21 City Council meeting.

Over the next month and a half, we are going to post a series of White Papers to website with even more information about the NOLA CPP and CPPs across the country. So check the website for these White Papers. thanks.

CPP Models in Other Cities

Master Plan and NOLA CPP Comparison

NOLA CPP Background


Latest Update to the NOLA CPP Model

At the last two NOLA CPP Action Team Meetings, there were three changes to the NOLA CPP Model that were agreed upon. These changes were made to address some of the comments and criticisms to the NOLA CPP Model. Two of the changes were to the Neighborhood Section (Section III) regarding the charging of mandatory due (Subsection I), and the resolution of boundary disputes (Subsection L).  The final change were in Section  V (Communities of Interest) which states that neighborhood associations should have the loud say for local land use decisions.

The most recent version of the NOLA CPP Model can be found below and under the Pages column (to the left) where  is say NOLA CPP DRAFT MODEL. Send me your feedback at if you have any questions or comments. thanks.

CPP Model 11-10

Links Page


I have added a page with links to the websites government, community organizations, and neighborhood groups. You can find a link to the page on the side bar and also here. Please send me an email ( if you want me to add a link to your organizations page, or if you know of an important link that I am missing. thanks.


Citizen Participation – Go Vote!

Today is election day. Voting is an important part of being an engaged citizen. So go do your civic duty today, and don’t forget to vote.

NOLA CPP Meeting – Wednesday Nov 3

This is a reminder that there is a NOLA CPP Action Team meeting on  Wednesday November 3 from 6:00 to 7:30pm. The meeting will be held at Grace Episcopal Church located at 3700 Canal Street.

We will discuss the City Council Resolution on the CPP, changes to the NOLA CPP Model, the Pilot Projects, and our strategy for moving forward. Hope that you can make it.