St Claude Avenue Design Charrette

“Enquiry by Design”
Wednesday, March 30 – Friday, April 1
The New Orleans Healing Center
2372 St. Claude Avenue

Building Community Capital for Shared Spaces
Communities are at the heart of everything.
Only by engaging can they shape their own destiny.

The St Roch, Marigny and Bywater Neighborhoods ‐ working together can protect and enhance individual identity and maximize social, financial, natural and built resources. The St. Claude corridor streetcar will be the impetus for growth. What form will it take?
This event will seek to initiate a new localism by identifying unique place‐based assets and finding creative ways to strengthen connections and opportunities for rebuilding of business, housing and culture.

Opening Presentation, March 30, 2011, 6:30 PM
Neighborhood Leadership, Wednesday, March 30, 10 AM
Resource Mapping, Thursday, March 31, 10 AM
Closing Review & Cultural Resource Presentation, Friday, April 1, 2011, 6:30 PM

The Preservation Resource Center (PRC) and the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment (PFBE) will welcome residents and businesses of the St. Roch, Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods during an “Enquiry by Design” (EBD) Opening Presentation at the New Orleans Healing Center at 2372 St. Claude Avenue, Wednesday, March 30 at 6:30 PM. The closing presentation on Friday at 6:30 will include a talk by Preservation Architect Bill Dupont on “Cultural Sustainability.”

London Architect Jon Allen will lead the 3-day Enquiry by Design to identify a set of doable “Urban Action Strategies” that neighborhoods can work on collaboratively. While separate neighborhood plans were prepared during the Master Plan process, the neighborhoods along St. Claude were never brought together to identify shared resources or discuss how they could build communal wealth.

St. Claude, with its proposed streetcar line, will likely be the primary impetus for investments in all three neighborhoods for the next 50 years. The EBD will develop a strategy to show how a regeneration plan that emphasizes “harmony” in rebuilding and that maximizes community connections can generate “nodes” of opportunity for new business and job creation.

The design team will identify walkable neighborhood “centers” – market, civic, cultural – and residents will be asked for input on community assets and how to enhance their identity at a Thursday, 10 AM, “Resource Mapping” exercise. Design solutions will include graphics and renderings for possible small and large redevelopment projects. One practical goal will be to pair resources, such as business entrepreneurs with property owners wanting to provide corner store locations or live-work opportunities. Apprentices of the Rebuilding Communities Craftsman Apprenticeship Program will participate, and the PRC and PFBE will seek neighborhood revitalization opportunities for graduate apprentices skilled in the traditional building arts.

The overall Prince’s Foundation strategy is to “Build Community Capital” by simultaneously considering all four community assets – the Natural, Social, Financial and Built Capital – that make up successful communities. The goal is to enhance existing qualities and strengthen the relationships between assets to maximize opportunities. The event was made possible by the National AIA Communities by Design, the National Trust, for Historic Preservation, the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment and the New Orleans Healing Center. For more information email Annie Irvin with the PRC at or call 504-636-3047.

The Design Team:
Jon Allen, London Architect, PFBE Instructor, New Orleans Craftsman Apprenticeship Program
Steve Mouzon, Town Architect and PFBE Instructor, Author of “The Original Green”
Paul Crabtree, Civil Engineer and Landscape Urbanist, PFBE and DPZ Haiti Rebuilding Plan
Bill Dupont: Historic Preservation and Cultural Landscape Architect
Gate Pratt, Architect, Urbanist and National Trust for Historic Preservation NOLA Representative
Ann Daigle, Urban Designer, Planner, Manager, PFBE-NO Craftsman Apprenticeship Program
Adrian Deckbar, Artist and PFBE Instructor, New Orleans Craftsman Apprenticeship Program
Pam Bryan, Director, Preservation Resource Center’s Operation Comeback
Wayne Troyer, Architect and Preservation Resource Center Board Member


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