Timetable for 2012 Operating Budget Process

On April 20, CAO Andrew Kopplin sent a memo to all City Departments, Boards, Agencies, and Commissions to announce the 2012 Operating Budget timetable. Here is a link to a pdf copy of the April 20 Budget Memo. Please note that this is not a binding timeline and it can be changed at the Administration’s discretion (and it is possible that it may have already changed). Here are the dates outlined in the memo:

June 2 – 17: Department prepare and submit revenue estimates

June 17: Offers due to Results Teams

June 29: Feedback to Department from Results Teams

June 27 – July 22: Department prepare base expenditure budgets

Early July: Department training on modification to budget system

July 5 -22: Department revise offers based on Results Team feedback

July 22: Final revised budget offers due to Results Team

July 29: Completed expenditure budget parckages returned to CAO

Late Summer: Community Meetings

August 1 -5: Results Team rank offers

August 5: Final rankings from Results Teams to Budgeting for Outcome (BFO) Management Team

August 8 – 31: CAO Budget Hearings

September 5 -16: Final budget decisions

September 19 – October 14: Development of budget materials

October 14: 2012 Proposed Operating Budget submitted to City Council or at a Special Council Meeting to be announced


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