City Planning update on the NPP process – June 14

At Tuesday’s City Planning Commission (CPC) Operational Committee meeting, CPC Executive Director Yolanda Rodriguez gave the Planning Commission an update on the City’s NPP process to create a Citizen Participation Program. The CPC received a letter from the Mayor asking for 21 days to revise the Scope of Work for the NPP process. City Planning expects to receive the revised Scope by the end of next week.

Rodriguez said that she has discussed the changes to the Scope with members of the Mayor’s Office. She said that the Office of Neighborhood Engagement (ONE) wants to partner with CPC in the NPP process. She said that ONE does not want to radically change the initial Scope of Work developed by CPC, and that they are committed to keeping the Task Force, which will guide this process. She also said that ONE wants to expand the focus of the NPP beyond land use, to include more quality of life issues.

The NOLA CPP will continue to monitor this process and provide additional information and documents as they become available. Please contact Nick Kindel (267-4665 – if you have any questions.

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