Your City, Your Money, Who Decides? Budget Breakdown on July 13

Your City, Your Money – Who Decides?


 “The Budget Breakdown”

Citizen Training On The City’s New Budget Process

 Wednesday, July 13th, 6-8pm

Grace Episcopal Church

3700 Canal St.

Conducted by Bob Rhoden, former Commissioner of Criminal Justice and Finance Department staffer

Presented by the New Orleans Coalition on Open Governance

 Free and Open to the Public

Pre-register by calling (504) 940-2207 or emailing

The City of New Orleans’ new budget process calls for public input on how your tax dollars are going to be spent across six priority areas: Public Safety, Children & Families, Economic Development, Sustainable Communities, Open & Effective Government, and Innovation.


  • Did you know that 58% of the city’s budget goes to public safety? Are we spending the right amount of money on the right programs to actually make us safer?
  • Does spending 3% on Children & Families, 2% on Economic Development, and 17% for Sustainable Communities give us a better quality of life?
  • Did you know that greater community input last year could have led to funding for violence prevention, emergency medical services or community engagement?

This training will help you understand the budget process and how you can have more influence on how your tax dollars are spent.  This may sound like a dry, boring topic, but it is actually easy to understand – and it’s your money at stake!


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