Mayor’s District C (Westbank) Budget Meeting Recap

On Wednesday, August 17, the Mayor and Councilmember Palmer hosted the Budgeting for Outcomes community meeting for the Westbank of District C. Here are a couple of recap articles for the meeting from The Lens and WDSU Channel 6.

We took notes of all of the public comments given at this meeting. Here is a list of all the all the comments at the Eastbank District C meeting: District C (Algiers) Public Comment

Here are links to the videos of the District C meeting. Part One is the City’s presentation. Part Two is the community’s input, and Part Three is the Mayor’s responses.

Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:


Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Community Meeting Schedule

The City Planning Commission has released the dates and times for the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance community meetings. The meetings will be held between September 12 and 27 by the Planning Districts.  The schedule for the meetings are as follows…


In addition to discussion the CZO, these meetings will also be to get feedback on amendments to the Master Plan. The Office of Neighborhood Engagement submitted one amendment to that would impact the Community Participation Program (Chapter 15) of the Master Plan. This amendment would remove references to District Councils which the Master Plan and the NOLA CPP model both call for. You can find the proposed Master Plan amendment here: NEO MP Amendment Chp 15

For more information on the Master Plan and CZO, go to the City Planning Commission website of the Master Plan website. For more information on the NOLA CPP model, please go to this link.

2012 Budget Info

Since there is limited information on the City’s website about the 2012 Budget, here is a resource for community member to get the information that they need to provide informed input into the budget process. Please go here for the most complete information on the web for the New Orleans 2012 budget.

District B Budget Meeting Recap

On Tuesday, August 9, the Mayor and Councilmember Head held the Budgeting for Outcomes community meeting for District B at the Dryades YMCA in Central City. The New Orleans Coalition on Open Governance (NOCOG) was there to record the meeting. NOCOG is committed to making more information available about the budget process, to communicate this information to the public in a way they can understand, and to facilitate resident input in the budget process. Please go to NOCOG’s website for more information and sign up for the NOCOG newsletter. Please see below for links to videos from the meeting.

Part one:
Part two:
Part three:

NOCOG took notes of all of the public comments made at this meeting. Please go here, District B Community Meeting Public Comment, for a list of all of the public comment from this meeting.

You can also fill out a survey that NOCOG has put together to help identify how the City should prioritize its spending. Please go to this link to complete the NOCOG budget survey.

There was limited press coverage of the event. Our NOCOG partner, The Lens, wrote a summary about the meeting, which can be found at their website. Fox 8 news also had a report from the meeting, and go here for their story.

Mayor & City Council 2012 Budget Community Meeting Schedule

The Mayor has announced the dates for the 2012 Budgeting for Outcomes Community meetings that will be held over the next three weeks. The next meeting is tomorrow (Wednesday, Aug 17) in Algiers. From Nola.Gov …

On Tuesday, Mayor Landrieu kicked off his annual Budgeting for Outcomes Community Meetings which will be held in each councilmanic district. The meetings run from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. The agenda includes a Resource Center from 5:30pm to 6pm. During this time citizens are given the opportunity to talk one-on-one with various heads of departments and agencies. The meeting then follows from 6pm to 8pm. For more information please call 504-658-4945.

The dates for each community meeting follow:

Meeting Dates/Locations

August 9        – District B – Dryades YMCA

August 17      – District C – Behrman Center (Algiers)

August 22      – District D – UNO – Lindy Boggs Center

August 24      – District A – Lakeview Christian Center, 5885 Fleur de Lis Drive

August 30      – District E – Household of Faith (New Orleans East)

August 31      – District E – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School (Lower 9th Ward)

September 7 – District C – TBD (Eastbank)

Mayor Announces First Budget Community Meeting in District B

This is the information that was posted on the Mayor’s Facebook page. So far it is the only ‘official’ announce that I can find…


We’re launching a series of community meetings starting Tuesday, August 9th. District B Councilmember Stacy Head will co-host the first meeting with me from 6-8pm at the Dryades YMCA on 2220 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. We’ll talk 2012 budget priorities. Come out and let your voice be heard. Your opinions matter. We’ll anounce other districts meeting dates and times soon.

Latest NPP Scope of Work

In late July, the Neighborhood Engagement Office (NEO), formerly know as the Office of Neighborhood Engagement, produced a revised scope of work for the Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP). In this scope of work, NEO proposes a 5 phase process that would begin this month, and be completed in May 2013. Here is a timeline for the 5 phases to establish of a NPP:

Phase I—Framework development of City’s NPP
August 2011 to October 2011

Phase II—Development and adoption of City Planning Commission’s NPP component
October 2011 to March 2012

Phase III—Pilot implementation/evaluation of the City Planning Commission’s NPP component
April 2012-September 2012

Phase IV—Limited implementation/evaluation of City’s NPP across targeted city government departments
November 2012-March 2013

Phase V—Comprehensive implementation of the City’s NPP (city-wide program finalization with lessons learned from initial implementation)
May 2013

On Tuesday August 2, the City Planning Commission’s (CPC) Neighborhood and Inter-Governmental Relations Committee met to discuss the latest NPP Scope of Work with a representative of NEO. The discussion was general positive about this latest Scope. Due to a cut in CPC’s budget and hiring freezes, there were some concerns that CPC does not have the financial and staff capacity to complete the project according to this timeline.

CPC and NEO agree to make some changes to the NEO’s Scope of Work and CPC’s Scope of Work (which will guide Phases 2 and 3). They will also work to develop a budget to complete this process. They will take the revised Scopes of Work (NEO and CPC) and budget to CPC Operational Committee meeting on August 9 or 23 to vote to approve these Scopes. We will let you know if we receive notice of the meeting’s agenda.

Here are copies of the latest Scopes of Work. Please note that minor changes are being made to both of these documents. We will continue to inform you about changes and updates to NPP framework.

NEO NPP Revised Scope of Work

CPC Revised Scope of Work

Karen Gadbois with The Lens wrote an article about the NPP process. Here is a link to Karen’s article. Please contact Nick Kindel at or 267-4665 with any questions or comments.