District B Budget Meeting Recap

On Tuesday, August 9, the Mayor and Councilmember Head held the Budgeting for Outcomes community meeting for District B at the Dryades YMCA in Central City. The New Orleans Coalition on Open Governance (NOCOG) was there to record the meeting. NOCOG is committed to making more information available about the budget process, to communicate this information to the public in a way they can understand, and to facilitate resident input in the budget process. Please go to NOCOG’s website for more information and sign up for the NOCOG newsletter. Please see below for links to videos from the meeting.

Part one:  http://youtu.be/IipeX_mbyZ0
Part two:  http://youtu.be/BgNWQSi2EcE
Part three:  http://youtu.be/J-kPrcbmAt4

NOCOG took notes of all of the public comments made at this meeting. Please go here, District B Community Meeting Public Comment, for a list of all of the public comment from this meeting.

You can also fill out a survey that NOCOG has put together to help identify how the City should prioritize its spending. Please go to this link to complete the NOCOG budget survey.

There was limited press coverage of the event. Our NOCOG partner, The Lens, wrote a summary about the meeting, which can be found at their website. Fox 8 news also had a report from the meeting, and go here for their story.

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