City Announces the Process to Create a Neighborhood Participation Program

The Mayor’s Neighborhood Engagement Office has announced the process that will be used to create a Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP) for the City. NEO outlines a five-phase process that takes place between now and May 2013. The first phase will develop the NPP framework. The next two phases focus on the CPC’s NPP component. The final two phases expand the NPP citywide. Here is the breakdown of the five phases:

  • Phase IFramework development of City’s NPP – August to October 2011
  • Phase IIDevelopment and adoption of City Planning Commission’s NPP componentOctober 2011 to March 2012
  • Phase IIIPilot implementation/evaluation of the City Planning Commission’s NPP componentApril 2012-September 2012
  • Phase IV-Limited implementation/evaluation of City’s NPP across targeted city government departmentsNovember 2012-March 2013
  • Phase VComprehensive implementation of the City’s NPP (city-wide program finalization with lessons learned from initial implementation) – May 2013


The NPP work will be guided by the Coordinating Team that includes the following: CPC staff and Commission members, Key Administration Staff, and a Community Working Group (which is the original task force appointed by City Council and additional community members recommend by CPC). The Coordinating Team is scheduled to meet on September 29, October 12, and October 19.



NPP Final Scope of Work: Here is a pdf copy of the document that outlines the entire process to create a NPP.


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