NOLA CPP Action Team Meeting Summary

On Monday, October 3, the NOLA CPP Action Team met to discuss our meeting with the Mayor, meeting with City Planning staff, and the kick-off of the Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP) process. We discussed these events and our key priorities for moving forward. The major next steps include the following:

1.  Be very engaged with the city’s (NEO’s) NPP process, and work to make sure it does include both the internal and external components.

2.  Expand the conversation with City Planning regarding their participation in the Gentilly pilot project.

3.  Explore CPP funding options, including possible non-governmental (foundation?) funding as well as the community conversation around a dedicated revenue source.

4.  Continue informing the community about the CPP model, taking input on it and refining it as such input suggests.

Please go to the following link for the complete summary of the October 3 Action Team Meeting: Action Team 10.03.11


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