UPDATE: 2012 Budget City Council Public Hearing Schedule

On Monday, October 17 at 2pm the Mayor presented his proposed budget to City Council. On Tuesday, October 25, City Council will begin its public hearings on the budget. All meeting will begin at 10am (except for Nov 1) and will be held in City Council Chambers. For more information on the budge hearings, please go to City Council’s website. For a complete schedule of the City Council Hearings and more public meetings, please go to NOCOG civic events calendar.


Tuesday, October 25

Presentation: Assessor Errol Williams; Tax Levy; Presentation on Special Tax Districts; Revenue Budget

Wednesday, October 26

Law Department; Civil Service; Office of the Inspector General

Thursday, October 27

Safety & Permits Department; Historic District Landmarks Commission; Vieux Carre Commission; City Planning Commission

Friday, October 28

Parks & Parkways Department; Sanitation Department; Mosquito, Termite, & Rodent Control; Juvenile Court

Monday, October 31

Traffic Court; Registrar of Voters; Finance Department

Tuesday, November 1 (Today only – Hearings begin at 1:30 p.m.)

Criminal District Court; District Attorney; Sheriff’s Office; Municipal Court

Wednesday, November 2

Fire Department; Police Department; Orleans Parish Communication District; Health Department; Human Services Department

Friday, November 4

Coroner’s Office; Miscellaneous – Municipal Participation – Orleans; Public Defender; Public Library

Monday, November 7

Property Management; Public Works Department; Capital Budget; Five-Year Capital Plan

Tuesday, November 8

Enterprise Funds & Special Districts: Delgado Albania Plantation Corp.; Municipal Yacht Harbor Corp.; French Market Corp. & Upper Pontabla Building Restoration Corp.; Piazza D’Italia Corp.; Rivergate Development Corp.; Canal Street Development Corp.; N.O. Building Corp.; N.O. Aviation Board; N.O. Regional Business Park; Downtown Development District; New Orleans Redevelopment Authority

Wednesday, November 9

Algiers Development District; Regional Transit Authority; Miscellaneous – Municipal Participation Grants: Regional Planning Commission; Ttal Community Action; Mayor’s Military Advisory Committee; New Orleans Council on Aging; LA SPCA; LSU Ag Center; Mayoral Sponsorship; Arts Council of New Orleans; Essence Festival; LA Department of Veterans Affairs; Miscellaneous – New Orleans Recreation Department Commission; Miscellaneous – Other Programs

Thursday, November 10

Presentation: Blight Reduction; Mayor’s Office; Mayor’s Office of Community Development

Friday, November 11

Clerk of Criminal District Court; Chief Administrative Office; Council & Alcohol Beverage Control Board

Monday, November 14

As Needed for Budget Committee

Tuesday, November 15

As Needed for Budget Committee

Wednesday, November 16

As Needed for Budget Committee

Friday, November 18

As Needed for Budget Committee


For additional information on the budget and budget process, please go to NOCOG’s website, the 2012 Budget Information page on the NOLA CPP website, City Council’s 2012 Budget page, or the Mayor’s Office Budget page.


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