City of New Orleans Neighborhood Participation Plan – 2nd Draft for Review

We received an email from Lucas Diaz at the Neighborhood Engagement Office (NEO). NEO is seeking comments on their Draft Neighborhood Participation Plan by Monday morning, November 7. Please review the following NPP Plan and provide any comments to Lucas Diaz.



Dear community member,

Please find attached the second iteration of the City NPP Draft. I apologize, again, for the delay in getting this to you.

A few observations: two sections are not complete yet—the hypothetical case scenarios and the research section. I should have those finished for the third iteration of the draft. Also, at the moment I am still pursuing a presentation to the Administration early next week, but if that gets pushed back a week, I will inform you of that process.

As for the draft document that is attached, please feel free to share with community stakeholders who were not able to attend the working group meetings. Please forward all recommendations for improvement to me directly to this email address. Please use the next 48 hours to review and provide feedback. You can continue to provide feedback throughout the weekend, but please note that I intend to complete the third draft version for Monday, which I anticipate sending to you on time, as promised.

If you have any questions about any of this information or information in the document, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Lastly, bear in mind that this document does not constitute, at this time, the City’s position on public participation from the Administration’s perspective. Until the Mayor approves it, the information in this document is our collective effort to arrive at that point, which is now very close, but not yet there. In light of this, please inform your contacts with whom you share this document that it represents a working progress towards Mayoral approval and that as such it is not yet final.



Lucas Diaz
Director of Neighborhood Engagement Office
City of New Orleans

1300 Perdido Street  |  Suite 8W03  |  New Orleans, LA  70112

504-658-4965 (o)  |  504-658-4969 (f)  |




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