CBNO Citizen Participation Awards – Thursday, November 10, 12pm

On Thursday, November 10, the Committee for a Better New Orleans will present the second annual Citizen Participation Awards.  These will be given at a lunch at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel, 555 Canal Street.  Diana Lewis and the Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN) are the honorees.  The keynote speaker will be Carolyn Luckensmeyer, Founder and President of AmericaSpeaks, the internationally renowned civic engagement organization that played such a vital role in the Unified New Orleans Plan (UNOP) process after Hurricane Katrina.


This event will offer a rare opportunity to hear one of the worldwide leaders in citizen participation.  We hope you will join us for Carolyn’s talk and also to honor Diana Lewis and OPEN who have made such a difference in citizen participation in New Orleans.  While much has been accomplished in the last six years, there is still so much more work to be done, and there are still those who do not favor meaningful civic engagement.  Your attendance will support the ongoing CPP work and help make a statement about how important citizen participation is to the future of our city.


Information on how to purchase tickets or tables for the Citizen Participation Awards lunch follows below.  If your firm might be interested in being a sponsor of this event, please contact Keith Twitchell at (504) 430-2258. To download a copy of the information flyer to share with your friends and colleagues, please use this link: CBNO Awards Invite 2011.



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