City Council Passes the 2012 Budget

On December 1, the New Orleans City Council approved the City’s 2012 Budget. After three weeks of hearings and negotiations with each other and the Administration, City Council had decided on the City’s final budget. City Council mostly deferred to the Mayor’s proposed budget. They “rolled forward” the property tax and funded most departments based on the Mayor’s request. Council did make a few changes to the Mayor’s proposed budget, helped by an additional $2.6 million in funds that were not included in the Mayor’s original proposal. The most relevant change for the NOLA CPP is that Council restored the funds for the Neighborhood Participation Plan that were taken away by the Administration over the past year. Here are some of the key changes…

An additional $850,000 for City Council itself

$500,000 for the DA’s witness protection project (which came from NOPD’s budget)

$475,000 for the Public Defender

$440,000 for the City Planning Commission to hire new planners and for the Neighborhood Participation Plan process

$300,000 for Public Works to add another pothole filling crew

$200,000 for the Juvenile Court

$200,000 for the Sheriff to increase electronic monitoring

$80,000 for the Sanitation Department to hire sanitation rangers

$25,000 for the Arts Council

$16,000 for the Civil Service Department to hold Fire Department promotion exams

For additional information about the December 1 City Council meeting and the approved budget, please see these articles from The Lens and At this moment, we have not seen the 2012 Adopted Budget. We will post that information when in becomes available.


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