City Planning Kicks Off NPP Process – Thurs, Dec 15, 6pm

City Planning Kicks Off Their NPP Process
Thurs, Dec 15, 6pm – Grace Episcopal Church 

The Neighborhood Engagement Office (NEO) is working with City Planning Commission (CPC) on their Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP). CPC will kick off their process with a public meeting on Thursday, December 15 from 6 to 8pm at Grace Episcopal Church located at 3700 Canal Street. This is a very important meeting that will guide City Planning’s work on the NPP. It is important that you let City Planning know how they should improve the structure by which they engage the community. City Planning is wants to improve notification and input on the following:

a.   Amendments to the Master Plan;

b.  Zoning Changes, Conditional Uses, Planned Developments, and Variances; and,

c. The City’s Capital Budget Program.


Please share the information about the Kick Off meeting, and try to attend on Thursday evening. Thanks!

What: City Planning NPP Kick Off Meeting
When: Thursday, December 15, 6 – 8pm
Where: Grace Episcopal Church, 3700 Canal Street

For more information about this meeting, please go to this link for the announcement from CPC.

On a related note, when the City Council passed the 2012 budget on December 1, they allocated to the City Planning Commission $80,000 in funding to implement a community participation program. This money will give City Planning the resources that they need to facilitate an expansive and inclusive process to create a community participation program.


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