City Council Committee Meeting on Street Repair in Six Neighborhoods

On Friday, January 27 at 10am the City Council Public Works Committee will hold a meeting to discuss the status, process, and time frame of FEMA funded street repair in six neighborhoods. This meeting provides an opportunity to influence neighborhood street repair in your community.

It is not ideal to come to a meeting on Friday morning, the NOLA CPP will continue to work to create a system where the City will come to your neighborhood. Still, this provides a good opportunity to influence the system. Please go here to view the entire agenda, and see below for an excerpt of the agenda:

Presentation on the FEMA funded neighborhood street repairs. Specifically, for the below neighborhoods, 1) the status of funding; 2) when to expect a map of planned improvements (i.e. – have the exact locations/streets within these neighborhoods been determined, and if so, are they subject to changes); 3) the complete cost of the improvements/repairs, & if there are outstanding funds needed to complete the projects; & 4) a timeline.

Broadmoor – $4.8 million
Lakeshore/Lake Vista – $7.5 million
Lakeview – $16.7 million
Milneburg – $1.3 million
St. Claude – $21.8 million
Lower Ninth Ward – $45 million

To Present: Member(s) of the Administration


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