Information on FEMA Funded Road Repairs in Your Neighborhood

At the Friday, January 27 City Council Public Works Committee meeting, the administration gave some details on the FEMA funded neighborhood road repair program. The City has already announced funding for 9 neighborhoods, but they said that they are working with FEMA to reassess the roads in every neighborhood in the City. Here are the neighborhoods that have already been announced:

Broadmoor – $4.8 million
Lakeshore/Lake Vista – $7.5 million
Lakeview – $16.7 million
Milneburg – $1.3 million
St. Claude – $21.8 million
Lower Ninth Ward – $45 million

Pontchartrain Park – $6.9 million

St. Roch – $3.6 million

Plum Orchard – $3.4 million

The City has reassessed 56 neighborhoods and will complete the remaining 14 neighborhoods by this spring. The City and FEMA will then negotiate the funding for each neighborhood and then make the announcement after FEMA obligates the funds. Don’t expect to know the details anytime soon. The City first announced $45 million to repair roads in the Lower Ninth Ward last summer, but they will not announce the roads to be repaired or the timeline of those repairs until this summer at the earliest.

The City also said that there will not be much opportunity for neighborhoods to have input in the process. Based on FEMA rules, the Federal Government tells the City which streets will be repaired. So the City, and much less the neighborhoods, do not have a say in the process. The City said that they will work with the Congressional delegation to change these rule, but the need not seem optimistic that this would happen anytime soon.

Here is some more information on this meeting. Here is the powerpoint presentation on the FEMA fund neighborhood road repair program which includes information on when all of the neighborhoods were reassessed (thank you to Stacy Head’s office for this information). Here is a link to a story that Fox 8 News did on this meeting.

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