City Planning Update on their Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP) Process

On February 13, the City Planning Commission updated a few documents to their Neighborhood Participation Plan website. City Planning kicked off their NPP process with a public meeting at Grace Episcopal Church on December 15, 2011. City Planning provided notes from this meeting on their website.

In addition, City Planning has put a revised scope of work for the NPP process on their website. Here are some of the highlights from this revised scope of work. The core focus of CPC’s NPP will address:

  • Amendment to the Master Plan
  • Zoning Changes, Conditional Uses, Planned Developments and Variances
  • Capital Budget Program

The revised scope of work includes a new timeline. Here are some important dates for CPC’s NPP:

  • December 2012 – Hold first NPP public meeting
  • April 2012 – Review and Discuss First NPP Draft – hold second public meeting
  • May 2012 – Release Public Hearing Draft (2nd Draft) and begin written comment period
  • June 2012 – Written comment period ends – CPC to hold formal public hearing on NPP
  • July 31, 2012 – Deadline to submit CPC’s formal recommendation for NPP to City Council

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