Update on Gentilly Civic Improvement Association

The New Orleans Citizen Participation Project has been working with the Gentilly Civic Improvement Association. In the past few months, GCIA has elected new officers and established new committees. Here is the latest news from GCIA President Dalton Savwoir, Jr.


February GCIA President’s Report

Gentilly Civic Improvement Association (GCIA) has begun the year with great strides into achieving its 2012 goal. With regard to infrastructure, the Board of Directors has confirmed four (4) new committees to move the organization forward with the members of the new Executive Officers as chairmen. These committees with chairpersons are as follows:

  • By-laws Committee – Betty Muller, Vice President, Chairperson – bmuller@tulane.edu
  • Communications Committee– Lisa Kamuf, Secretary,  Co- Chairperson-  lisa.kamuf@cox.net,
  • Fund Raising-Scott Schenck, At-large, Co-Chairman- scott@pontchartrainlaning.com
  • Recruitment-Lisa Kamuf, Secretary, & Victor Gordon, Parliamentarian, Co-Chairpersons-pancho1933@bellsouth.net
  • There is also an ad-hoc 501(3) (c) Committee chaired by a co-founder of GCIA, Scott Darrah, smdarrah@gmail.com. Many of these tasks will be completed in three to six months with some committees ongoing.


The Communications Committee has met twice and hosted two training sessions on the Constant Contact email system. They will be responsible for maintaining this email system, and updating the newsletter and community calendar on a monthly basis.  Kudos to Nick Kindel, Co-Chairman, nolacpp@gmail.com, for his leadership and technical expertise!


Another goal of GCIA is to recruit more neighborhood associations within the Gentilly area to join us. I am happy to report that the Board of Directors will be reviewing a letter of interest from the De Saix Area Neighborhood Association. We anticipate interest in the near future from Pilotland, Pontchartrain Park, and Fairmont Park Neighborhood Associations.


As a point of information, the City Planning Commission has posted a Public Hearing Notice to review a request for a zoning change from “single family” to “double” at 4917 St. Anthony Ave. (zoning docket 27/12). The Hearing will be held on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 in the City Council Chambers at 1:30pm. Written comments must be received by Wednesday, March 7, 2012 to be included with the staff reports. Our thanks to Fay Kaufman for notifying GCIA!


As Gentilly has always prided itself as a preeminent “single family,” residential community, this zoning request is of particular interest to setting precedence in Gentilly. We urge the Gentilly community to voice its opinion on this request to the City Planning Commission.


There is a new neighborhood organizing in the Gentilly area called the Gentilly Waterfront area along France Road between Chef Menteur Highway and Leon C. Simon. The owner of Pontchartrain Landing RV Park, Scott Schenck,  is spearheading this effort and we welcome their participation in GCIA.



Dalton Savwoir, Jr.

President, GCIA


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