Updated NORD Commission Neighborhood Participation Plan

At the May 30 NORDC Bylaw Subcommittee meeting, the Neighborhood Engagement Office (NEO) presented a revised structure for NORDC’s draft Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP).  NEO simplified the plan due to some comments at the last full NORD Commission meeting. The Bylaw Subcommittee approved this revised plan and it will go to the full NORD Commission for their approval. Here is information on the next NORD Commission meeting:

NORD Commission Meeting

Tuesday, June 5 – 5pm

City Council Chambers

NORDC Draft NPP_05.30.12


City Planning makes official announcement of June 13 Neighborhood Participation Plan meeting

From Paul Cramer at the City Planning Commission….

Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP) for Land Use Actions


The City Planning Commission invites you to attend the presentation of a draft report recommending creation of a Neighborhood Participation Program for Land Use Actions.


6pm – 8pm, Wednesday, June 13

First Grace United Methodist Church

3401 Canal Street

(at the intersection with Jeff Davis Pkwy.)


The NPP for Land Use Actions’ goal is the establishment of a system for organized and effective neighborhood participation in land-use decisions. “Land use actions” include the City Planning Commission’s range of responsibilities under the City Charter. The Commission prepares the City’s Master Plan, Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, and Subdivision Regulations, approves proposals for the disposition of public property, and recommends a five-year Capital Improvement Program.


For more information, call City Planning at 504-658-7033.



Paul Cramer

Planning Administrator

New Orleans City Planning Commission

1340 Poydras Street # 900

New Orleans, LA  70112

City Planning releases draft of its Neighborhood Participation Plan

Last week, the City Planning Commission (CPC) released the public hearing draft of its Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP). Also, CPC announced that it would hold a public meeting to get input on this draft on Wednesday, June 13 from 6-8pm at First Grace United Methodist Church at 3401 Canal Street.

While we have not fully reviewed the most recent draft, previous drafts have shown significant steps in the right direction. With this NPP, City Planning will require developers and businesses to meet with neighborhood residents prior to submitting plan to CPC. This will give residents an opportunity to express any concerns with the project early in the process so that the developer/business will have an opportunity to address those concerns.

Also, the NPP will improve notification requirements (wider mailing radius of adjacent property owners, signs posted on the site, improved email notification). Other changes include more information posted on CPC website, allowing for a 2nd public hearing to provide more opportunity to address the staff report, notices of Safety and Permits administrative decisions, and much more.

We would like to thank the City Planning Commission staff, Yolanda Rodriguez, Paul Cramer, and Jermey Tennant, for all of their hard and very good work on this plan. We encourage you to review this draft Neighborhood Participation Plan and check out CPC’s website for more information on its NPP. You can provide your feedback on this plan by emailing Paul Cramer at pcramer@nola.gov or attending the June 13 meeting. Here is the meeting information:

Draft NPP Public Input Meeting

Wednesday, June 13, 6-8pm

First Grace United Methodist Church

3401 Canal Street

New NOLA CPP column in Uptown Messenger on Tulane Stadium

Uptown Messenger has published another column from the NOLA CPP. The focus of the latest column is on the Tulane Stadium situation. For a link to all of the guest column by the NOLA CPP in Uptown Messenger, please go to this link. Here is a summary of recent publications about NOLA CPP…


May 25, 2012: Uptown MessengerGuest column: Tulane stadium – There must be a better way

April 16, 2012: The Louisiana WeeklyNew Orleans needs more participation from residents

April 10, 2012: Jambalaya News – Latino Community of Interest Resident’s Participation Project

March 27, 2012: Uptown MessengerGuest column: Why we don’t have a Citizen Participation Program

March 20, 2012: Uptown Messenger – Guest column: Open process needed for proposed Uptown security district

March 13, 2012: Uptown Messenger – Guest column: The Magazine Street Pilates studio – a failure to communicate

City Council Plans to vote on Master Plan Amendments at its June 28 meeting

According to information provided at the May 23 Operational Committee meeting of the City Planning Commission, City Council will vote on all of the proposed Master Plan Amendments at its June 28 meeting. City Council has until early July to act on these Master Plan Amendment, and this will likely be its last opportunity to do so. You can find information on all of the proposed Master Plan Amendments on City Planning Commission’s website.

The Neighborhood Engagement Office submitted Master Plan Text Amendment 19 to the Planning Commission. This amendment would weaken citizen participation in the Master Plan and remove any reference to District Councils. This amendment, proposed by one man, would undo some of the work that was done by thousands. Opponents of this amendment have been very vocal. You can read David Welch’s and Tim Garret’s columns in The Lens and Brian Denzer’s letter on NolaStat’s website to learn more about the arguments against this proposed amendment.


Note: We originally announced that the meeting would be held on Thursday, June 21. Since then, the meeting has been rescheduled for June 28.

NOLA CPP Brochure

Attached is the NOLA CPP Brochure with basic information about the New Orleans Citizen Participation Program. CPPbrochureapril18

UPDATED: City Planning revised draft Neighborhood Pariticipation Plan

A revised Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP) was presented at the May 8 Operational Committee meeting of the City Planning Commission (CPC). The purpose of CPC’s NPP is to get more neighborhood and resident involvement in zoning and land use decision making. Included in the draft NPP are some of the recommendations proposed by CBNO’s Citizen Participation Program’s Model. Here is a link to this revised draft CPC draft NPP_04.24.12

The City Planning Commissioners are going to provide their comments on this draft by the end of this week. Next week, CPC staff is planning to release a public draft of the CPC NPP. In mid June, CPC will host a public meeting to get community input on the draft NPP. For more information on CPP’s draft NPP and the NPP process, go to City Planning’s website. To provide comment on this draft, contact Paul Cramer at pcramer@nola.gov.