City Council Plans to vote on Master Plan Amendments at its June 28 meeting

According to information provided at the May 23 Operational Committee meeting of the City Planning Commission, City Council will vote on all of the proposed Master Plan Amendments at its June 28 meeting. City Council has until early July to act on these Master Plan Amendment, and this will likely be its last opportunity to do so. You can find information on all of the proposed Master Plan Amendments on City Planning Commission’s website.

The Neighborhood Engagement Office submitted Master Plan Text Amendment 19 to the Planning Commission. This amendment would weaken citizen participation in the Master Plan and remove any reference to District Councils. This amendment, proposed by one man, would undo some of the work that was done by thousands. Opponents of this amendment have been very vocal. You can read David Welch’s and Tim Garret’s columns in The Lens and Brian Denzer’s letter on NolaStat’s website to learn more about the arguments against this proposed amendment.


Note: We originally announced that the meeting would be held on Thursday, June 21. Since then, the meeting has been rescheduled for June 28.


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  1. […] website), City Council’s upcoming June 21 vote on Master Plan Text Amendment #19 (more information on our website), NORDC’s proposed NPP structure (go here for more info), and much more. Please see the […]

  2. […] of these reasons, we see this proposed Master Plan Amendment as very troubling. Please visit the NOLA CPP website for more information on Text Amendment #19. It is certainly ironic that, while so much progress is […]

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