Two significant upcoming meetings essential to the resident participation in New Orleans

On Wednesday, June 13 from 6-8pm, the City Planning Commission (CPC) is hosting a meeting to get input in its proposed Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP). This plan marks a significant step for for resident participation. CPC is improving its notification requirements and will require developers to meet with neighborhoods prior to submitting their plans. These are two core elements of the New Orleans Citizen Participation Program. Here is information on tomorrow’s meeting…

City Planning Neighborhood Participation Plan Meeting

Wednesday, June 13, 6-8pm

First Grace United Methodist Church

3401 Canal Street (at Jefferson Davis)

On Thursday, June 28, City Council will vote on the Master Plan Amendments. Text Amendment #19 would be a significant step back for resident engagement in New Orleans as it significantly weakens the Community Participation Chapter of the Mast Plan. This Amendment would remove any reference to District Councils, an essential component of Citizen Participation Programs nationwide. District Councils already exist across New Orleans, and eliminating them from the Master Plan would undermined these organizations that cover about 68% of the land area of New Orleans. Please let City Council know how you feel about Master Plan Text Amendment #19.


City Council vote on Master Plan Amendments

Thursday, June 28, not before 11am

City Council Chambers

For more information on both of these meetings, please see this column in Uptown Messenger or contact Nick Kindel at 267-4665 or


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