City Council votes to send Text Amendment #19 back to City Planning

At their June 28 meeting, City Council approved most of the recommendations from the City Planning Commission (CPC) on proposed changes to the Master Plan. About a dozen of the proposed Amendments were sent back to the CPC for more public comment and review. Among the Master Plan Amendments sent back to CPC was Text Amendment #19, which would remove District Councils from the Master Plan.

District Councils are an essential component of the proposed New Orleans Citizen Participation Program (NOLA CPP) and an international best practice. Because of this, we are opposed to Text Amendment #19. City Planning Commission will hold a public hearing and vote another recommendation on Text Amendment #19, at their August 28th meeting.  Regardless of CPC’s recommendation, the final decision will be made by City Council within 30 days of receiving the recommendation from City Planning. At the previous vote, CPC voted in favor of Text Amendment #19

We encourage you to provide your input by emailing the City Planning Commission at Please reference Text Amendment #19 in the subject. You can also attend the public hearing and vote, which will be Tuesday, August 28 sometime after 1:30pm. The final decision will be made by City Council, so go here to find the contact information for Council. Please contact Nick Kindel at 267-4665 or if you have any questions.


Update: The City Planning Commission has said that the vote on the Master Plan Amendments will be at their August 28th meeting, which will begin at 1:30pm.


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