City Planning Commission Approves Neighborhood Participation Program

At the July 24 City Planning Commission (CPC) meeting, the Commission voted 5 to 0 to approve the Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP). This program will transform how residents are notified and engaged in land use decision in their community. The NPP will increase the mail notification radius, require sign postings, and use technology to improve notice of development in the community. It will also require that developers meet with the neighbors and submit a report of he meeting prior to submitting their development request application to City Planning.

By approving the NPP, the City Planning Commission has approved the first substantial component of the New Orleans Citizen Participation Program (NOLA CPP). The NOLA CPP Model calls for an Early Notification System (ENS) to inform and involve neighborhood residents early in the decision making process. While using a different name, CPC’s NPP is essential an ENS. This approval represents a significant advancement for community engagement in New Orleans, and we would like to thank the City Planning Commission and its staff for all of their great work on the NPP.

City Planning’s NPP now goes to City Council for their review and final adoption. City Council may act on the NPP as soon as August, and we will let you know when the NPP is on City Council’s agenda. In addition to Council approval, City Planning will need funding to implement this plan. The improved notifications are expected to cost about $55,000, and City Planning has submitted an offer to the Administration for the 2013 budget. If you want to see this plan in action, please contact the Administration and Council to support this budget request.


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