City Planning’s Neighborhood Participation Program Referred to Governmental Affairs Committee

Update (09/13): The Government Affairs Committee agenda is now posted on City Council’s website. The meeting is tomorrow (9/14) at 10am and City Planning Commission’s NPP is on the agenda.

On July 24, the City Planning Commission (CPC) voted to approve its Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP). The NPP creates an Early Notification System (ENS) where developers will be required to inform and meet with neighborhoods and residents early in City Planning’s decision making process. The ENS is a critical component of the New Orleans Citizen Participation Program, and its adoption is a significant step forward for resident engagement in New Orleans. You can view CPC’s NPP plan on City Planning’s website.

City Planning’s NPP now goes to the City Council for final review and approval. City Council has referred the NPP to the Governmental Affairs Committee. The next Governmental Affairs Committee meeting is tentatively scheduled for Friday, September 14 at 10am in Council Chambers. This is subject to change, so please check City Council’s calendar for updated information. After review by the Governmental Affairs Committee, CPC’s NPP will go to the full City Council for final adoption.


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