New Orleans East District Council Debate October 11

This fall, the New Orleans City Council will be voting on Text Amendment 19 to the Master Plan.  If passed in its current form, Amendment 19 would remove District Councils, currently a part of the proposed Community Participation Process, from the Master Plan.  There is a lot of confusion regarding District Councils, and what their role is within a formalized participation process.  In the interest of making sure the community is informed about what a District Council is before any decisions are made, the Committee for a Better New Orleans is hosting a series of debates featuring proponents and opponents of District Councils.  The two sides will debate the role of District Councils, and what they could mean for our city.  Moderated by WDSU’s Norman Robinson, the next debate will take place in New Orleans East on:


Thursday, October 11th

7:00pm – 8:30pm

City Church

13123 Interstate 10 Service Road
New Orleans, LA 70128


For more information, please contact New Orleans Citizen Participation Project Program Manager Breonne DeDecker at, or 267-4696.


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