CPC Approves Revised Language for Master Plan Text Amendment #19

At its September 25 meeting, the City Planning Commission approved revised language for Master Plan Text Amendment #19. The original language, submitted by the Neighborhood Engagement Office, would have removed District Councils from the Master Plan. The revised language would keep District Councils in a more limited role.

This revised language will go to the City Council for final approval. The suggested hearing date for this and all other Master Plan Amendments is at the Thursday, November 1 City Council meeting. It could also come up at the Thursday, November 15 City Council meeting. Here is the link to the City Planning Commission staff report. Here is the link to the section of the staff report specific to Text Amendment #19: City Planning Revised Staff Report_ MP #19_09.20.12

Below is the revised language that was approved by the Planning Commission and will go to City Council:


Modified approval to amend text as follows:


Volume 3, page 15.2, Subheading 2 change:

Establishing a Neighborhood Participation Plan


Volume 3, page 15.2, Additional sub sub-heading:

2.1 Developing internal government structure and capacity


Additional text beneath new sub-heading:

The creation of the Mayor’s Neighborhood Engagement Office (NEO) in 2011 is indicative of an increased awareness of the need for city government to have policies and procedures for obtaining and working with community input. Further, NEO serves as the connecting point between city government agencies, departments, boards, commissions, etc., and external community structures such as neighborhood associations, business and merchants associations, and other civic and stakeholder entities.

One important NEO responsibility is the creation of what the city calls the City Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP). This is a city government-wide framework for instituting clear, meaningful and effective public participation processes and/or policies. This involves building participation capacities within city government (to include public-private partnerships, boards, commissions, and special initiative task forces and working groups). As a guiding framework, the NPP provides the internal foundation for New Orleans government and its neighborhoods and community members to work productively together under clear processes and guidelines for reaching better-informed and community-supported government decisions.

As such, the development of a broad, city government-wide NPP serves as the foundation for agency-specific NPPs (i.e., City Planning, Capital Projects, Public Works). Therefore, any external NPP should be aligned and compatible with the City NPP.


Additional sub-heading:

2.2 Developing external neighborhood structure and capacity


Replace the original 1st paragraph text (quoted in bullet below) beneath subheading 2 on page 15.2:

  • The CPC would take the lead in establishing the districtwide councils and other CPP components, working closely with the Mayor’s Office of Public Advocacy. (original text)


With this proposed revision:

  • The Mayor’s Neighborhood Engagement Office, in partnership with the City Planning Commission, will work with community and government stakeholders to establish an effective, efficient and sustainable neighborhood-based NPP after finalizing and implementing the city government-wide NPP. District-wide planning councils (detailed example of how this model operates is listed in Section B of this chapter) should be encouraged and given technical assistance by the city and non-profit organizations. NEO would provide information on (1) how to form a neighborhood organization/district-wide planning council; (2) how government works; and (3) providing contact information. Increasing city coordination and assistance to neighborhood organizations and district-wide planning councils will be evaluated and considered for future implementation in coordination with the Mayor’s Neighborhood Engagement Office, the City Planning Commission and other government and community stakeholders.


Remove all text from current subheadings 2 and 3 and place as information items in Section B of Ch. 15, “What the Public Said”


Subheading 4 becomes subheading 2

Subheading 5 becomes subheading 3

Subheading 6 becomes subheading 4


Additional revisions for document consistency:

Change any related references in Volumes 1 and 2 to make clear that the City’s role is to encourage and provide technical assistance to any district-wide planning councils. Make any necessary change to reference the role of the Neighborhood Engagement Office, and any necessary changes to use the term Neighborhood Participation Plan.



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