Governmental Affairs Commitee Recommends Approval of City Planning’s NPP

At the Friday, October 19th City Council Governmental Affairs Committee recommended approval of the City Planning Commission Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP) to the full City Council. At a previous Committee meeting, City Planning staff presented it Neighborhood Participation Program plan. The Committee members had a number of questions about how this proposal for New Orleans compares to other similar cities. CBNO researched other cities and presented a report on our findings at the October 19th meeting.

The Governmental Affairs Committee then voted to recommend approval to the full City Council. You can find the video of this meeting at this link (go to the 43 minute mark). City Planning’s NPP will now go to the full City Council for final approval (we are not sure the exact meeting they will consider it). In addition to needing Council approval, City Planning’s NPP needs to be funded in the 2013 Budget. Next month, City Council will consider the 2013 Budget and will vote on the Budget at their November 30 meeting.



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