Proposed 2013 Budget does not fund City Planning’s Neighborhood Participation Program

For the past couple of years, the City Planning Commission has been working on improvement to its notification requirement in what is called its Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP). City Planning’s NPP will make significant improvements to notify neighborhood and residents of developments in their community. This is a key component of the NOLA CPP. City Planning’s NPP went before City Council’s Governmental Affairs Committee on October 19, and they recommended approving this plan to the full City Council. Now with City Council on the brink of approving this plan, it faces a major challenge.

Today (October 29), the Administration presented its proposed budget to City Council. The $491 million budget outline which programs and department will be funded and at what amount. City Planning had a $55,000 budget request to implement the NPP. The Administration did not recommend funding this proposal. The final decision now rest with the City Council. The City Planning Commission will make a presentation to the City Council on it proposed budget on Wednesday, November 7 sometime between 1:30 and 5:00pm. Please let City Council know that CPC’s NPP is important and needs to be funded. The New Orleans Coalition on Open Governance has a list of resources on its website to make it easy to get your budget input to City Council. Here are a few of them:

Please let City Council know your support for City Planning Commission’s $55,000 budget offer to implement the Neighborhood Participation Program.


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