Budgeting for Democracy Call to Action

Join NPN at next Tuesday’s BUDGET HEARING 
November 13, 1:30 – 3:30p

As a next step to the Budgeting for Democracy campaign petition, we want to show City Council that New Orleans residents WANT and NEED to be included in the city’s budgeting process by collectively attending the afternoon session of next Tuesday’s Budget Hearing in a show of solidarity. We feel that Tuesday afternoon’s hearings will be an ideal time to illustrate collective support for the Budgeting for Democracy campaign since the Mayor’s Office will be present.


NPN is offering transportation to and from City Hall for residents that may need it, as well as lunch prior to the hearing at our offices. We encourage you to wear black and NPN will hand out blue ribbons, so that City Council can see a clear visual connection among our group.


PLEASE RSVP HERE, so that we can make sure to have enough lunch provided and/or transportation arranged.


It’s OUR city, OUR money; WHO decides?

NOCOG’s ‘Budgeting for Democracy’ campaign aims to create a social and political environment in which community members can be actively involved in the city budgeting process. We believe that community input strengthens the ability of the City Council to utilize tax dollars in the most effective manner and empowers all residents of New Orleans.   __________________________________________________________________________
The Neighborhoods Partnership Network (NPN) is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization consisting of a citywide network of neighborhoods that was established after the Hurricane Katrina disaster to facilitate neighborhood collaboration, increase access to government and information, and strengthen the voices of individuals and communities across New Orleans. Learn more about our programs, resources, and tools for civic engagement here.

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