NORD Commission Governance Committee makes some changes to its proposed Neighborhood Participation Plan

At today’s NORD Commission Governance Committee meeting, they made some modifications to its proposed Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP). NOLA CPP provided some comments on the NPP. The Governance Committee made changes based on our comments. You can view coverage of this meeting on twitter by using #NORDC. The Draft NORDC NPP can be found on the Neighborhood Engagement Office’s website and go to the “what we are working on” tab.

The revised plan will be submitted to the full NORD Commission at its Tuesday, December 4 meeting (5pm, City Council Chambers). The full Commission is expected to vote on the NPP at its January meeting.

Here is the twitter coverage of that meeting (note that the earliest tweets start at the bottom of the page):


With that, I am out of here #NORDC

NORD Commission will receive the revised NPP at it December meeting for a vote in January #NORDC

Committee votes to send the revised Neighborhood Participation Plan to the full NORD Commission #NORDC

NORD Commission will have to provide a rational for denying the CATs’ request. Provide a time for a “reasonable response” in 5 days #NORDC

The secretary just needs to certify the vote #NORDC

They made changes to the plan so that NEO or NORD staff doesn’t need to count the vote & votes don’t need to be ‘ratified’ #NORDC

Now they are discussing the need to wait two meetings before taking a vote. They say that they can vote at the next meeting #NORDC

Now they are discussing the need for a typed ballot for voting. Say that there just needs to be a record of the vote #NORDC

Now the are discussing if agendas should be sent? Yes. Number of Days for notice? 5 #NORDC

#NORDC thinks that the 25% deliberation standard is too high. They recommend that the item must be discussed before you agree to have a vote

25% of the membership need to recommend an item for a vote #NORDC

Now they are talking about a requirement of 25% of the people to “deliberate” on an item before a vote can take place #NORDC

Next comment was that the CATs require at least 2 of 3 Officers to be present. #NORDC changes it to only one if no vote will take place

NORDC feels that they do not need to be specific about nomination process, they will cover it at orientation #NORDC

Next one of my comments is that there is no specifics on the nomination process for officers #NORDC

NORDC considers if you are president of a group (or representative) like NAACP you cannot be a CAT Officer. NORDC says you can. #NORDC

There is some confusion over who can be Officers for the CATs. Non-profit members can’t, but neighborhood members can. #NORDC

Now talking about when people can join the CAT. Not going to make any changes, just clarify the language #NORDC

NORDC says that the Officer duties should be specific by position. Commission makes that change #NORDC

Should the Officer duties be general or specific to the position? #NORDC

NORD Commission did get by comments! Lucas is reading them to the Committee now #NORDC

Commission moves to have the voting age of participants to be 18. Motion passes 2 to 1. #NORDC

Commissions say that this is a dynamic document that will be changed & to keep the voting age at 18 for now #NORDC

They say that they want the teens to be able to have input but the teens do understand the big picture enough to vote #NORDC

Other commissioners, Michael Darner and Roy Glapoin, disagree #NORDC

Commission Thomas wants to let the NORDC Team Advisory members be able to vote and to develop as leaders #NORDC

The comment was about the age of people to be able to vote in Community Advisory Teams (it is 18, want to lower it to 13) #NORDC

The Chair received one comment on the plan (he did not get my comment) #NORDC

They are moving to the #NORDC neighborhood participation plan

3 commissioners just showed up and the the meeting is getting starting #NORDC

At NORDC Governance Committee meeting. Staff is here, but waiting for all of the Commissioners to show up #NORDC


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