City Websites for Blight, Road Repair, & Neighborhoods

In past few months, the City has launched a few website with information on blighted properties, neighborhood road repairs, and the Neighborhood Engagement Office’s website.



Through a partnership between the City and Code for America, they developed a website to track the status of blighted properties. The website allow you search for blight status by address, track blighted properties through the process, and view maps of blighted properties. Here is the website link…


FEMA-Funded Recovery Road Programs

The City and FEMA are working on re-assessing the damage done to local neighborhood roads by Hurricane Katrina. This will result in over $200 million in new funds to repair road. The City has launched a website to show how much money is allocated per neighborhood, what roads will be repaired, a map of proposed repairs, and a timeline of road repairs. This website is not complete, because the City and FEMA are still working on assessments for some neighborhoods. Here is the website…

Update 01/03/2013: Here is a presentation given to the construction industry in October that has some more good information about the Recovery Road Program…


Neighborhood Engagement Office Website

The City’s Neighborhood Engagement Office (NEO) finally has a website. This website includes information on neighborhoods, has contact information for NEO staff, resources for neighborhood associations, and information on projects NEO is working on (including the NORD Commission NPP, Choice Neighborhood’s Initiative, Coffee of my Corner, etc). Here is NEO’s website…

Here is the contact information for the Neighborhood Engagement Office staff…

Lucas Diaz, Director

e-mail:   Ofc: 504.658.4965
Areas of responsibility: Strategic Opportunities, Office Management, Neighborhood Participation Plans

Ray Bolling, Senior Liaison

e-mail:   Ofc: 504.658.4975
Areas of responsibility: Neighborhood outreach, revitalization management

NoraAnn Winbush, Liaison

e-mail:   Ofc: 504.658.4977
Area of responsibility: Formal programs

Kyle Shelly, Liaison

e-mail:    Ofc: 504.658.4966
Area of responsibility: Outreach strategies



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