District D Alcohol Beverage Permit moratoriums are renewed by City Council

Councilmember Hedge-Morrell authored two alcohol beverage (ABO) permit moratoriums for District D that were approved by 6 to 0 votes. These ABO permit moratoriums renew the existing moratoriums and will last for one year. The moratoriums require all businesses seeking a new ABO permit to get approval from City Planning Commission and City Council. So these moratoriums are not an outright ban on new alcohol beverage outlets, but they require will require City Council approval before they sell alcohol. Here are the links to the ordinances…

City Council Directs Planning Commission to Update CZO to Implement NPP

Today at it January 10 meeting, City Council approved this motion directing the City Planning Commission (CPC) to update the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) to implement its Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP). There are a lot of programs and acronyms, so what does this all mean?

CPC has spent the last year and a half developing a Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP). The NPP will increase notification requirement for new land use application by mailing notice to property owners within 300 of 600 feet and placing signs on the property. The NPP will also require developers to meet with adjacent residents and neighborhood organizations prior to submitting their application to the City Planning Commission.

In order to implement the NPP, the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) needs to be updated. To do this, City Planning Commission and City Council needs to approve text changes to the CZO. The motion passed today directs the City Planning Commission review the CZO text changes for City Council’s final approval. City Council is expected to approve NPP and CZO changes around March of this year. You can view City Planning’s Proposed NPP at this link:


NORD Commission Approves NPP & Other Items in Possible Violation of Open Meeting Law

Update (02/01/2013): The Approved NORD Commission Neighborhood Participation Plan is now available on the Neighborhood Engagement Office’s website at this link:

At its Tuesday, January 9 meeting, the NORD Commission approved its Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP). This NPP creates a formal structure for residents to engage with NORD at a more neighborhood level (although not with their neighborhood association). A draft of this plan can be found on the Neighborhood Engagement Office’s website (go to the ‘What we’re working on’ tab), although I have not found the version that was passed by the NORD Commission.

In addition to the Neighborhood Participation Plan, the NORD Commission passed a number of other important items. The NORD Commission passed its Strategic Plan, which was developed by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). NORDC also approved a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA) that describes the financial relationships between the City, NORD Commission, and NORD Foundation. Finally, the NORD Commission approved two bank accounts for NORDC, one for donations and one for revenues from NORDC assets. All of these document, and more, should be on the NORDC website, but I cannot find any of them.

It should be noted, that the NORD Commission voted on all of these item, despite the fact that none of these votes was listed on the meeting agenda. Experts on this issue that I have spoken to suggest that this does not comply with the Louisiana Open Meetings Law. I brought this up at the meeting, but NORDC’s attorney said that they were fine. I do not agree that the NORDC Agenda provided “reasonable specificity” on the votes that were to take place (LA R.S. 42:19.A (1)(b)(ii)(bb)).  For complete coverage of this meeting, check out @NolaCPP on twitter or go to #NORDC.

Register for March 29 Crescent City Moonlight Bike Ride

On Friday, March 29 the Gentilly Civic Improvement Association (GCIA) will present the Crescent City Moonlight Bike Ride, presented by American Traffic Solutions (ATS). This evening bike ride will be a fundraiser for GCIA, so we encourage you to register! You can find a flyer for this event at this link, and you can register by going to this website:

Outreach Flyer

NORD Commission to vote on Neighborhood Participation Plan

Update 01/04/13: The NORDC Governance/Facilities Subcommittee will also review the NPP at their Monday, January 7 meeting, which will be at 10am at the Homeland Security Conference Room, 8th floor, City Hall.

The NORD Commission will meet on Tuesday, January 8 at 5pm in City Council Chambers. It is expected that the NORD Commission will vote on the Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP) that was developed by the Neighborhood Engagement Office (NEO). In July, the NORD Commission approved a framework for the NPP (you can find the framework at this link). Using this framework, NEO developed the a complete NPP. After receiving comments from us (NOLA CPP), NEO produced a revised NPP that was presented to the NORD Commission in December. The NORD Commission is expected to vote on this revised NPP at their January 8 meeting. Here are the meeting details:

NORDC Governance/Facilities Sub-Committee Meeting

Monday, January 7, 10am

Homeland Security Conference Room, 8th floor, City Hall


NORD Commission Meeting

Tuesday, January 8, 5pm

City Council Chambers