NORA Announces 2,000 Properties Eligible for the Expanded Lot Next Door Program

The New Orleans Redevelopment Authority has released a list of some 2,000 properties that are eligible for purchase through the Lot Next Door Program. City Council just recently voted to expand this program to any adjacent property owner (not just those next door). Between May 1 and August 1, you will be able to fill out an expression of interest form, which will be available on NORA website during that time frame. This is a requirement to be able to purchase a next door property. See below for a table, a map, and more information about the expanded Lot Next Door Program.

You can view a table of the Lot Next Door Properties at this link:

You can view a map of the Lot Next Door Properties at this link:


Here is the Press Release from NORA/the City:


04/12/2013Media Contact:   Jasmine J. Haralson
Director of External Affairs
NEW ORLEANS, LA – The New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) in partnership with the Mayor’s office and City Council is pleased to announce the release of the list of properties for the amended Lot Next Door Ordinance.  The City Council adopted Ordinance 29,397 on February 21 and the Mayor signed it into law on February 25, 2013.Beginning today NORA will publish the list of available properties in the Times-Picayune. The list is also available on NORA’s website and at, the City’s official data catalog.Eligible Lot Next Door buyers MUST notify NORA of its intent to purchase a Lot Next Door property by completing an Expression of Interest (EOI) form.  The EOI form will be available on NORA’s website beginning May 1, 2013 until August 1, 2013. The deadline to complete an expression of interest (EOI) form is August 1, 2013. Submitting an expression of interest does not guarantee a purchase.In order to be considered for the Lot Next Door Program you must share a common boundary to an eligible Lot Next Door Property and meet all other eligibility requirements.  For more information regarding qualifications and eligibility please visit NORA’s website and click on the Lot Next Door tab or contact the Lot Next Door Program Office at 504.658.4422.


The New Orleans Redevelopment Authority is a catalyst for the revitalization of the city, partnering in strategic developments that celebrate the city’s neighborhoods and honor its traditions. 


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