City Council will vote on Neighborhood Participation Program on Thursday

Update (05/01/13): The Vote will take place around 1:30pm on Thursday, May 2.

The agenda for the Thursday, May 2 City Council is available online, and the City Planning Commission’s Neighborhood Participation Program (Item 41 on Page 26) and the CZO text amendments implementing the NPP (Item 10 on Page 15) are on the docket.

Both of these items will go a long way to further engage residents in the land use and zoning decision making processes. It should end “Planning by Surprise” in New Orleans. Therefore, we are very supportive of the implementation of City Planning’s NPP. You can view the entire NPP at this link.

The City Council meeting is Thursday, May 2 in City Council Chambers at City Hall. We are not sure what time these items will come up, but it will come up sometime after 11am. If you want to contact your City Councilmembers, their information is available here: City Council Contact Info


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