Want info on how the City will spend money on major road repair projects?

Update 06/17/2013: The Department of Public Work’s Capital Budget request totals $294 million over the next 4 years. A pdf of Public Work’s budget request can be found at this link.

Want to know if the City will do major road repairs in your community? If you do, it will be discussed at the Department of Public Works Capital Budget Hearing on Tuesday, June 18 at 11am. This meeting is hosted by the City Planning Commission at their office on the 7th floor of City Hall.

Every year the City approves a Capital Budget that guides how the City will spend money on facilities and infrastructure projects for the next 5 years. This includes major road repairs and resurfacing, so projects that involve more than just maintenance and filling pot holes. So if you are interested to know if the major streets in and around your neighborhood are in line to receive funding, then come to the Department of Public Works Capital Budget hearing. Here are the meeting details

Department of Public Work Capital Budget Hearing

Tuesday, June 18 – 11am to 12:30pm

City Planning Commission Office

City Hall, 7th Floor

These hearings take place for every department at City Hall seeking capital funds. So if you want to know if funding has been allocated for your neighborhood park (NORDC and/or Park & Parkway) or for your district fire or police station (NOFD and NOPD), then check out the complete Capital Budget hearing schedule. More information about about the Capital Budget can be found on the City Planning Commission’s website or on the NOLA CPP website as well.


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