Interesting Capital Budget Department Request

Looking through the proposed capital budgets that the departments have submitted, here are some interesting budget requests that it would worth taking a closer look at. Here is the complete hearing schedule, but you might want to check out the City Planning Commission calendar page because already two or three of the meeting times have changed. For more information on the Capital Budget, go to this link:

Homeland Security: Wed, June 19, 1pm:
$35 millionJoint Municipal Training Academy: Establish a joint training academy at the Victor H. Schiro MTA, including new 40,000 sq ft adminstration [sic] building, auditorium, indoor shooting range, classrooms, gym, barracks, pursuit driving track, and public safety training street. Facility would serve NOPD, NOFD, and NOEMS, as well as area public safety partners. Here is the a link to the Homeland Security Capital Budget Request.

Public Library: Wed, June 19, 2:30pm:
$8.9 million – New Library Branch: The NOPL is requesting $8.9 million to build a new library branch at an undisclosed location somewhere in District E. Here is the NOPL Capital Budget Request.

Property Management: Mon, June 24, 2pm:
$6.2 million Bonds Funds – Mahalia Jackson Theater Repairs: Replace air handler units (AHU) #1 thru 8. Add humidity sensors to the Siemens control system. Insulate diffusers to reduce the amount of condensation on and around ceiling. Repair ceiling damage from condensation. Repair the store front doors and glass on the front of the theater. Paint the interior of the auditorium a non-reflective color. Build a multi-story parking garage. Didn’t the Theater just get repaired after Katrina? Here is the Property Management Capital Budget Request.

New Orleans Aviation Board: Mon, June 24, 3:30pm:
$640 million in “local funds” – New Airport Terminal: To Build a World-class Airport Facility. That is all of the information that they give for how they will spend the $640,000,000 for the new airport. Also, they are going to spend another $1 million in capital funds at the current airport. Here is the complete NOAB Capital Budget Request.

NORD Commission: Tues, June 25, 9:30am:
$31,287,500 for 22 Park Projects: The NORD Commission has various park projects across the city. Some interesting facts, they ask for $500,000 for a City-wide stake park, but only allocate $250,000 of that amount. There is $5.7 million for Dog Parks. The other $3+ million projects are for 3 pool projects. Here is the NORDC Capital Budget Request.

NOPD: Wed, June 26, 10am:
$4.4 million for Municipal Training Academy (MTA) Repairs: I am not sure how this request for repairs relates to other request for $35 million for a new MTA. $10 million for new District 2 Police Station: new police station. It is unclear if it will be at the old Magazine St & Napoleon Ave location on a new local in Gert Town or elsewhere. $3.6 million for District 3 Police Station: Build out of 1st and 3rd floor of the station. Here is the NOPD Capital Budget Request.

Municipal Yacht Harbor: Thurs, June 27, 3:30pm:
$12.7 million for various capital budget request. Funding for bandstand/gazebo, linear park, dredging and other projects. Here is the Yacht Harbor Capital Budget Request.

CAO/Equipment Maintenance Division: Mon, July 1, 3:30pm:
$23.8 million for Fire Truck Equipment for pumper and ladders. Here is the Equipment Division Capital Budget Request.

Parks & Parkways: Tues, July 9, 9:30am:

$5 million for 8 Park projects including Bartholomew Golf Course, PKW Greenhouse Renovation, Washington Square, Brechtel Park, and Congo Square. Here is Parks & Parkways Capital Budget Request.




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