CBNO Speaks at “Tell Cantrell” Press Conference

CBNO had the privilege of joining Councilmember Cantrell on Tuesday when she announced her new community engagement initiative, “Tell Cantrell” at a press conference in Gert Town. CBNO president Keith Twitchell made the following remarks at the press conference.

“Thank you Councilmember Cantrell for including the Committee for a Better New Orleans as you make this important announcement.

Community engagement has been essential to the recent past in New Orleans, and it is even more vital to our future. We all know that it was the people on the ground, in the neighborhoods, who led the recovery of our city after Katrina It is the same people – you here today – who will lead the revitalization of our city going forward.

When community members come together and talk among themselves respectfully, they can develop a shared vision for what their streets, their playgrounds, their neighborhoods should look like. When this vision is provided to city leaders, in the form of community input, it leads to better allocation of city resources and better decisions by city agencies and departments. When community input is really heard by our leaders, it creates true partnership between community and government.

In the long term, we simply must work together to create permanent structures for bringing information from government to community and for bringing input from community to government. We must ensure that all residents have the access and the capacity to have their voices heard in the decisions that impact our lives. But now, today, CBNO expresses its strong appreciation to Councilmember Cantrell for setting up this opportunity for the people of Gert Town to come together and make their voices heard, and we encourage every resident of this neighborhood to participate. We so often look at what divides us, but there is so much more that unites us. This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to find common ground, identify common priorities, and work with Councilmember Cantrell, Mayor Landrieu, Chief Serpas and other leaders to help make Gert Town a safer, better place. Please – make the most of it!”


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