City Planning’s Neighborhood Participation Program on City Council’s Thus, July 25 Agenda

The agenda for the July 25 City Council meeting has been posted, and City Planning Commission’s Neighborhood Participation Program is back on the agenda as Item #25. We have been told that the NPP will move forward on Thursday, but that is what we thought 2 weeks ago when it was deferred. However, we are hopefully that the NPP will be approved on Thursday. Here is the link to to City Council’s Agenda for Thursday’s meeting. We will provide an update if we have any more information.


The NPP will require more and better notice to surrounding residents, property owners, and neighborhood groups. It will also require that the applicant hold a meeting prior to submitting their proposal to the City Planning Commission, and they will be required to invite the surrounding residents, property owners, and neighborhood groups. This is a significant step towards ending “planning by surprise” and creating a Citizen Participation Program in New Orleans. More information about the Neighborhood Participation Program can be found at the City Planning Commission’s website.


There are other significant items on Thursday’s City Council Agenda include the following:

  • Jimmy’s Alcoholic Beverage Outlet Permit (Item #5). Report can be found here and here.
  • Revisions to the City’s Food Truck laws (Item #23).
  • $12 million in Hazard Mitigation Grant Funds to elevate 48 homes, which The Lens reported on a couple of weeks ago (Items #2627).
  • A number of land use and zoning issues from Xavier’s Conditional Use request for a parking lot (Item #11) and a reception facility in the Gentilly area (Item #6)



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