Help Bring Participatory Budgeting to New Orleans!

Our City, Our Money, Who Decides?

Participatory Budgeting NOLA – PB NOLA – is hosting regular Teach-Ins to discuss the participatory budgeting process, network with folks nationwide who have been involved in getting this process adopted in their cities (New York, Chicago, Vallejo, CA), and learning more and more about the mechanics of how our city’s money is generated and spent. We invite anyone and everyone to come share their experiences with the current budgeting process and their voice in how participatory budgeting can take shape in New Orleans. Sign up to stay informed about the campaign here; tell us how YOU would prioritize public spending here; and STAY TUNED for info about the next PB NOLA TEACH-IN.


PB NOLA envisions a New Orleans where public dollars are spent according to the direct voice, guidance and decision-making power of residents. PB NOLA is a campaign of NOCOG involving staff from NPN, Committee for a Better New Orleans (CBNO), Puentes and VAYLA.

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