Press Round-up on City Council’s Adoption of Neighborhood Participation Program

Update September 5, 2013: Include a letter to the editor from Keith Twitchell in response to David Marcello’s Op-Ed.


On Thursday, August 22, City Council adopted the zoning changes to implement City Planning Commission’s Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP) for land use actions. Ever since, there have been a number of press releases, email blasts, editorials, and post about the NPP adoption, some of these take partial credit for the work. I will include links to all of media and outreach about the NPP below.

First, I would like to thank the City Planning Commission for their work on the NPP. It was their plan, and they did the majority of work on it, particularly the CPC staff. Out of all the people/organizations given credit for the NPP, I have felt like City Planning has been an after thought. Certainly others were involved from City Council, to the Administration, neighborhood groups, community group (like CBNO and others), and individual residents. I just want to make sure that the City Planning Commission get the credit that they deserve, because they came up with a great plan to engage residents, businesses, neighborhoods, developers, and city government. Congratulations City Planning!

Here is a round-up of media and press releases regarding City Planning’s NPP (in order of release):

NOLA CPP Blog Post & NOLA CPP Newsletter

Mayor’s Neighborhood Engagement Office’s Statement

City Council August 22 Meeting Summary

Stacy Head Newsletter

David Marcello, of The Public Law Center, Op-Ed in the TP |

Keith Twitchell of Committee for a Better New Orleans, letter to the editor in the TP



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