Mayor Signs Neighborhood Participation Program Ordinance

From the City Planning Commission:


Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP)


Mayor Landrieu has signed Ordinance 25450 MCS, which establishes changes to the public notice provisions of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. This Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP) is the result of extensive collaboration between citizens, community organizations, and City government.

Applications for zoning changes, conditional uses, planned development districts, and variances (except for single and two-family dwellings) are now subject to improved and enhanced public notice. An important component of this NPP requires applicants to engage the community prior to submitting an application for the aforementioned types of land use actions.


An NPP Guide with a detailed checklist of procedures is posted on the City Planning Commission website under the Neighborhood Participation Program page. As noted in the NPP Guide, potential applicants should prepare to engage the community by first meeting with City Planning Commission staff and developing a contact list.


Neighborhood and business associations that wish to communicate with applicants in these matters should make sure that the City Planning Commission has up-to-date information including the organization’s name, boundaries, contact person, address, phone number, and email. You may check by emailing or calling 504.658.7033.



Paul Cramer

Planning Administrator

City Planning Commission

1300 Perdido Street, #7W03

New Orleans, LA 70112


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