City Planning Releases the Latest Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Draft

It has been a long time coming, but today the City Planning Commission (CPC) has finally released the latest draft of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO). CPC is in the process of overhauling the City’s zoning code, or the CZO. Two summers ago, CPC held public meeting in the Planning Districts to get input on the previous draft CZO. The City planning consultants, Goody Clancy and Camiros, made revisions to the previous draft based on the public’s and City’s input. They provided a revised draft to the City months ago, who has been reviewing it internally and briefing the Planning Commissioners and other departments. Now City Planning is taking the CZO draft public.


Why is the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance important? The CZO provides the rules for development for every property in the City of New Orleans. So the CZO set the rules for what you can do with your property, and what your neighbors can do with their properties. So whether you are a home owner, renter, investor, or business owner, what is in the CZO should be important to you. The CZO is made up of two parts: the map and the text. The map will let you know what zone your property is in. The text will let you know the development rules for properties in that zone: what is allowed, what is not allowed, how dense the development can be, how tall the building can be, if the build needs to be setback from the property line and how far, and many other rules.


Now that the draft is out, you can review it on City Planning’s website. To get input on the draft CZO, City Planning will hold 10 public meetings around the City in October. So try to attend a meeting near you to learn how the revised CZO will impact your neighborhood and to provide your input to City Planning. You can also you can submit a written comment by mail (1300 Perdido Street, 7th Floor, New Orleans, LA 70112) or email by the end of November. If you have any questions, you can call CPC at (504) 658-7033.


If you need someone to come to you or your neighborhood to help explain the impact of the CZO, you can contact me (Nick Kindel) at (504) 267-4665 or, and I can come out to you. I have also put together a short guide on land use and zoning basics in New Orleans. You can find the guide here: Land Use & Planning Forum Guide



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