The New Orleans Citizen Participation Project has started to do some mapping. So far the mapping has been focused on answering a couple of questions. First, how much of the City is covered by an organization that is similar to a District Council? Second, what the City’s neighborhood boundaries?

District Councils in New Orleans

There are 4 organizations in New Orleans that are similar to the District Councils proposed in the NOLA CPP Model. These organizations are Algiers Neighborhoods Presidents Council, Carrollton Area Network (CAN), Eastern New Orleans Neighborhood Advisory Commission (ENONAC), and Gentilly Civic Improvement Association (GCIA), and they cover over 78% of the land area of New Orleans. New Orleans Draft District Councils Map

Neighborhood Boundaries in Gentilly

Update 10/02/12: CBNO has finished mapping the neighborhood boundaries in Gentilly/Planning District 6. You can find the completed map at this link: Gentilly Neighborhood Map_PD6_Clean. For more information on the mapping process, you can view this report: Gentilly Neighborhood Mapping Report and go to this map to find where gaps and overlaps between neighborhoods had to be resolved: Neighborhood Map_PD6_Gaps & Overlaps

The City’s official Neighborhood Boundaries Map dates to the 1970s and does not reflect the actual neighborhood boundaries on the ground. As a result, the NOLA CPP feels that the City’s Official Map needs to be updated. To start to demonstrating how this could be done, we decided to map the neighborhood boundaries in Gentilly. We contacted the neighborhoods in Gentilly to get their neighborhood boundaries. Here is the draft map of neighborhood boundaries in Gentilly: Draft Neighborhood Boundaries in Gentilly. Here is the existing Official Neighborhood Boundaries in Gentilly: Existing Official Gentilly Neighborhood Boundaries.



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