2014 Candidate Scorecard and The Trumpet Election Guide Release Party

The Choice Is Yours: The Trumpet Neighborhood Guide to Election 2014

As the election season heats up, NPNand CBNO – in conjunction with Ashé Cultural Arts Center – invites you to the release of The Trumpet Neighborhoods Guide to Election 2014 on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 from 6 to 8 p.m.

In this special edition of The Trumpet, we are providing readers with profiles on each candidate based on their responses to questions regarding issues of importance to NPN’s mission and four keys areas that play a role in the city’s ability to position itself amongst its aspirational peers over the next four years. This issue of The Trumpet features the 2014 Candidate Scorecard. The Scorecard is a list of questions compiled and reviewed by the Neighborhoods Partnership Network, the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance, Puentes New Orleans, The Lens, and the Committee for a Better New Orleans. The questions were sent to all Mayoral and City Council candidates. A complete list of the questions and candidate’s responses can be seen here.

Join us for the release party and savor a complimentary heavy buffet while you give candidates in some of the area’s most hotly contested races a few “tips” on what YOU want for the future of the City of New Orleans as they serve as your guest bartenders for the evening. Admission to this event is free and open to the public with beverages available for a nominal fee. Visit http://thechoiceisyourstrumpetrelease.eventbrite.com to register today.


New Participatory Budgeting Video

The Participatory Budgeting Project has updated their video about Participatory Budgeting. You can view that video at this link: http://vimeo.com/71979563


Real Money, Real Power: Participatory Budgeting from PBP on Vimeo.

City Planning Releases the Latest Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Draft

It has been a long time coming, but today the City Planning Commission (CPC) has finally released the latest draft of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO). CPC is in the process of overhauling the City’s zoning code, or the CZO. Two summers ago, CPC held public meeting in the Planning Districts to get input on the previous draft CZO. The City planning consultants, Goody Clancy and Camiros, made revisions to the previous draft based on the public’s and City’s input. They provided a revised draft to the City months ago, who has been reviewing it internally and briefing the Planning Commissioners and other departments. Now City Planning is taking the CZO draft public.


Why is the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance important? The CZO provides the rules for development for every property in the City of New Orleans. So the CZO set the rules for what you can do with your property, and what your neighbors can do with their properties. So whether you are a home owner, renter, investor, or business owner, what is in the CZO should be important to you. The CZO is made up of two parts: the map and the text. The map will let you know what zone your property is in. The text will let you know the development rules for properties in that zone: what is allowed, what is not allowed, how dense the development can be, how tall the building can be, if the build needs to be setback from the property line and how far, and many other rules.


Now that the draft is out, you can review it on City Planning’s website. To get input on the draft CZO, City Planning will hold 10 public meetings around the City in October. So try to attend a meeting near you to learn how the revised CZO will impact your neighborhood and to provide your input to City Planning. You can also you can submit a written comment by mail (1300 Perdido Street, 7th Floor, New Orleans, LA 70112) or email cpcinfo@nola.gov by the end of November. If you have any questions, you can call CPC at (504) 658-7033.


If you need someone to come to you or your neighborhood to help explain the impact of the CZO, you can contact me (Nick Kindel) at (504) 267-4665 or nolacpp@gmail.com, and I can come out to you. I have also put together a short guide on land use and zoning basics in New Orleans. You can find the guide here: Land Use & Planning Forum Guide


Neighborhood Participation Program for Land Use Actions

From City Planning Commission’s Website:


Neighborhood Participation Program for Land Use Actions

The City Charter calls for “a system of organized and effective neighborhood participation in land use decisions and other issues that affect quality of life.” The purpose of the Neighborhood Participation Program for Land Use actions is to provide timely notification of any proposed land use action affecting a neighborhood and to provide the opportunity for meaningful neighborhood review of and comment on such proposals.

In July 2012, the City Planning Commission (CPC) adopted the Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP) for Land Use Actions, a report recommending improvements to the CPC’s public notification and engagement processes. This report has been approved by the City Council and key portions have been implemented through changes to the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.

NPP Resource Guide for Applicants

The ordinance can be viewed here.

The Adopted Documents can be viewed here.

Mayor Signs Neighborhood Participation Program Ordinance

From the City Planning Commission:


Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP)


Mayor Landrieu has signed Ordinance 25450 MCS, which establishes changes to the public notice provisions of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. This Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP) is the result of extensive collaboration between citizens, community organizations, and City government.

Applications for zoning changes, conditional uses, planned development districts, and variances (except for single and two-family dwellings) are now subject to improved and enhanced public notice. An important component of this NPP requires applicants to engage the community prior to submitting an application for the aforementioned types of land use actions.


An NPP Guide with a detailed checklist of procedures is posted on the City Planning Commission website under the Neighborhood Participation Program page. As noted in the NPP Guide, potential applicants should prepare to engage the community by first meeting with City Planning Commission staff and developing a contact list.


Neighborhood and business associations that wish to communicate with applicants in these matters should make sure that the City Planning Commission has up-to-date information including the organization’s name, boundaries, contact person, address, phone number, and email. You may check by emailing cpcinfo@nola.gov or calling 504.658.7033.



Paul Cramer

Planning Administrator

City Planning Commission

1300 Perdido Street, #7W03

New Orleans, LA 70112

Press Round-up on City Council’s Adoption of Neighborhood Participation Program

Update September 5, 2013: Include a letter to the editor from Keith Twitchell in response to David Marcello’s Op-Ed.


On Thursday, August 22, City Council adopted the zoning changes to implement City Planning Commission’s Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP) for land use actions. Ever since, there have been a number of press releases, email blasts, editorials, and post about the NPP adoption, some of these take partial credit for the work. I will include links to all of media and outreach about the NPP below.

First, I would like to thank the City Planning Commission for their work on the NPP. It was their plan, and they did the majority of work on it, particularly the CPC staff. Out of all the people/organizations given credit for the NPP, I have felt like City Planning has been an after thought. Certainly others were involved from City Council, to the Administration, neighborhood groups, community group (like CBNO and others), and individual residents. I just want to make sure that the City Planning Commission get the credit that they deserve, because they came up with a great plan to engage residents, businesses, neighborhoods, developers, and city government. Congratulations City Planning!

Here is a round-up of media and press releases regarding City Planning’s NPP (in order of release):

NOLA CPP Blog Post & NOLA CPP Newsletter

Mayor’s Neighborhood Engagement Office’s Statement

City Council August 22 Meeting Summary

Stacy Head Newsletter

David Marcello, of The Public Law Center, Op-Ed in the TP | nola.com

Keith Twitchell of Committee for a Better New Orleans, letter to the editor in the TP Nola.com: http://www.nola.com/opinions/index.ssf/2013/09/new_orleans_zoning_applicants.html#incart_river


Video of Council vote on the NPP

Here is the video of City Council unanimously approving the changes to the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance to implement the City Planning’s Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP) for land use actions.